Episode 83: Dr. Catharine Garland

What are the benefits to meeting with patients as a team? How can a hospital integrate multidisciplinary teams with ease? Dr. Kohler's guest, Dr. Catharine Garland, explains how her multidisciplinary teams are structured, and how they make her plastic surgeries go smoother for patients and doctors alike.

Episode 73: Dr. Christina Lee

How soon is too soon to discuss palliative care? My guest today is UW’s chief resident, Christina Lee. Palliative care is something Doctor Lee has an interest in during her residency her at UW. She says that it’s never too early to discuss palliative care. And she shares some tips about how to have these discussions.

Episode 8: Dr. Munci Kalayoglu 

In today's episode, host Dr. Jonathan Kohler had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with famed UW-Madison surgeon, Dr. Munci Kalayoglu.  His medical practice has spanned multiple continents and he not only started the UW-Madison liver transplant program, but he has continued to do similar work after he left.  Today he speaks to us about his incredibly journey throughout his career as a surgeon and the creation of the UW-Madison liver transplant program. 

Follow Dr. Kalayoglu on twitter: @DrMunci 

Recorded 11/8/2017 

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