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Surgical Residency Goes Global


Episode 63. Paul DiMusto, MD and Callistus Ditah, MD discuss UW's Global Health Program. Dr. DiMusto and Dr. Callistus Ditah spent time in 2018 at Addis Ababa University’s Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital in Ethiopia. How do you practice medicine when you don’t have all the resources you need or might want? That’s what we discuss on the Surgery Sett.


How to Choose a Residency Program


Episode 62: Dr. Jacob Greenberg, the Program Director of the General Surgery Residency Program here at UW, discusses what to look for when choosing a residency program.

The Journey of Becoming a Surgeon


Episode 61: Dr. Charles Friel, MD, is the Surgical Director of the Digestive Health Center of Excellence at UVA. Dr. Friel discusses his journey to become a surgeon. Part 1 of a 3-part series on surgical training.

When Death Becomes Life: Notes from a Transplant Surgeon


Episode 60: Dr. Joshua Mezrich from UW’s Department of Surgery discusses his new book When Death Becomes Life: Notes from a Transplant Surgeon.

The book chronicles his own journey to become a transplant surgeon, along with an insightful history of the field. It will be published January 15, 2019.

Dr. Mezrich was also our first guest on the Surgery Sett. He tells the "Story of Big Daddy," which was the original title of his book. Listen to Episode 60 to find out why he changed the title.


Upending Medical Education


Episode 59: Ann O’Rourke, MD, MPH, FACS

Dr. O’Rourke is the program director for medical student education at the University of Wisconsin’s Department of Surgery. Dr. O’Rourke has played a key role in the new ForWard curricula that upends the traditional medical school model.

Learn more about medical training at UW discussed in the episode.

Listen to Dr. O’Rourke’s Grand Rounds Talk.


The Value of Child Trauma Centers


Episode 58: Mark Slidell, MD, MPH, is an Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Chicago. He specializes in pediatric surgery and is the Director of Pediatric Trauma at Comer’s Children Hospital.

Cars Curing Kids and Other Charitable Work


Episode 57: Peter Nichol, MD


Dr. Peter Nichol discusses his commitment to rural healthcare on this week’s episode of the Surgery Sett. Dr. Kohler and Dr. Nichol also discuss Dr. Nichol’s work with Cars Curing Kids foundation and other charitable work to improve health for children in Wisconsin.


Here are links to organizations discussed in this podcast:

The Possibilities of 3D Printing in Surgical Education


Episode 56: Dr. Joshua Hermsen from UW’s Department of Surgery, who specializes in pediatric cardiothoracic surgery. Dr. Hermsen has some very innovative research interests. We discuss the use of medical 3D printing in surgical training.

To hear Dr. Hermsen’s Grand Rounds Talk, click here

The Benefits of Fellowships for Residents


Episode 55: Dr. B. Timothy Baxter is a professor of Surgery at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. He specializes in Vascular Surgery and plays a big role at Nebraska’s Vascular Fellowship program.


Dr. Baxter and I spoke about the importance of a fellowship during a residency. It’s a time to think and plan one’s profession and on opportunity for personal growth. The benefits go beyond the lab.


I spoke with Dr. Baxter after he gave his Grand Rounds Talkhere at UW.


Gender Equality In Surgery


Episode 54: Drs. Caprice Greenberg and Jake Greenberg both teach here at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and have made gender equality within the surgical community a focus of their work. We have an insightful discussion about everything from pay gaps to parental leave. We also mention a number of resources for those interested in inclusion within surgery. Those are listed below.


The Association of Women Surgeons

Twitter feed: @WomenSurgeons

(Great Twitter feed, too, says Dr. Greenberg)


Twitter: Hashtags #HeForShe


Book: Why So Slow: The Advancement of Womenby Virginia Valian


White Paper:

“Ensuring Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Academic Surgery: An American Surgical Association White Paper”,_Diversity,_and_Inclusion_in.3.aspx


Dr. Caprice Greenberg’s talk at the Association for Academic Surgery in 2016: “Sticky Floors and Glass Ceilings.”