Episode 48: Dr. Robert Redfield

Robert Redfield, MD, is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Transplantation in Department of Surgery here at U.W.—Madison, and holds the Endowed Chair, Berkman Family Transplantation Professorship. Dr. Redfield specializes in pancreatic and multi-organ transplants, along with autotransplantation. Dr. Kohler and Dr. Redfield discuss the rare disease, Loin Pain Hematuria and the treatment offered here at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Redfield gave an illuminating Grand Rounds talk, which can be found here.

Episode 47: Dr. Allan Kirk 

Allan Kirk, MD, specializes in organ transplantation and is the chair of the Department of Surgery at Duke University. Dr. Kirk received his MD and PhD in Immunology from Duke University. He also received a fellowship from U.W.--Madison to study multi-organ transplantation. Dr. Kirk and Dr. Kohler discuss the simplicity and complexity of organ transplantation and what defines a surgeon.Dr. Kirk he gave a terrific Grand Rounds talk, which can be found here.

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