Episode 2: Dr. Michael Englesbe

The United States of America is the only wealthy country on Earth that has a declining life expectancy. There are many contributing factors, such as a lack of focus preventative care and addiction, as well as the economics of our healthcare system. Dr. Michael Englesbe is incredibly sensitive to these issues, and is constantly finding ways to help negate the consequences of this system, from within this system. He joins Dr. Mezrich to discuss opioid addiction, the healthcare system, dealing with complications, and the importance of mental health care.

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August 1, 2019

Managing Chronic Pain

Episode 75: Dr. Alaa Abd-Elsayed

How can patients and doctors manage pain? Doctor Alaa Abd-Elsayed, a faculty member of the Anesthesiology Department at the University of Wisconsin, is our guest. Dr. Al, as he likes to be called, specializes in chronic pain and it part of the Interventional Pain Program at UW.

Dr.  Abd-Elsayed has just written a book on the topic called, “Chronic Pain: The Patient and Family Journey

Episode 46: Dr. Rebecca Busch 

Rebecca Busch, MD, is a General Surgery Resident at UW but is currently taking two years away from her surgical training to pursue research with Dr. Kenneth Kudsk. Today, though, Dr. Busch talks not about her research, but about the epidemic of opioids ravaging our communities. She gave a recent Grand Rounds talk entitled, “The Opioid Crisis: One Surgeon’s Perspective.” The opioid crisis has directly impacted Dr. Busch’s family.

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