The Frontlines of COVID: A Surgery Sett Series: Episode 14 - Dr. Ben Zarzaur

Although there is no surgical operation that can be done to treat COVID-19, the pandemic calls for all hands on deck. Where initially we may have predicted that the fight against coronavirus would require us to free up resources and make room for medicine, Dr. Ben Zarzaur has proven that surgeons, too, have a role in this fight. Dr. Zarzaur discusses how he put his ideas, and his past experiences, into action to mobilize surgeons during the crisis.

Society of Critical Care Medicine COVID Resources:

FEMA Trainings:

"The Lake Isle of Innisfree" by William Butler Yeats:

The Frontlines of COVID: A Surgery Sett Series: Episode 13 - Dr. Elizabeth Bojsza and Dr. Susmita Pati

The coronavirus pandemic has upturned a lot of the everyday functions of our lives, and of our work. Perhaps the biggest way it has affected the nation is the way we communicate. Where we once had direct eye contact, we have masks or a screen between us. With the added stress the pandemic has caused, communicating in healthcare is proving to be more difficult nowadays. Luckily, Dr. Elizabeth Bojsza and Dr. Susmita Pati from the Alda Center are helping us navigate this new terrain.

The Alda Center:

Alan Alda’s Clear & Vivid podcast:

If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face? by Alan Alda:

"Wild Geese" by Mary Oliver:

The Frontlines of COVID: A Surgery Sett Series: Episode 12 - Josh Marshall

 The frontlines of COVID doesn’t only include healthcare workers, it also includes journalists. In an era where information is so important, journalists are facing threats of their own. With an advertising drought caused by the economic crash associated with COVID, many news providers are having to make sacrifices as they struggle to continue covering the pandemic. Josh Marshall, founder of Talking Points Memo, joins Dr. Kohler for the Surgery Sett’s 100th episode to discuss how he is navigating this crisis.

Talking Points Memo:

The Josh Marshall Podcast: 

The TPM List of Key Coronavirus Crisis Links:

The Frontlines of COVID: A Surgery Sett Series: Episode 11 - Dr. Bill Hartman and Dr. Joe Connor

In what has been a seemingly endless fight against COVID, Dr. Bill Hartman and Dr. Joe Connor arrive with some hopeful news. Through the use of convalescent plasma, or the antibodies found in the blood of a recovered patient, a potential treatment for COVID-19 is being tested. Dr. Hartman and Dr. Connor discuss how they streamlined the process of developing such a therapy at unprecedented speeds, and share how you can help!

UW Convalescent Plasma:

National website:

Hotline: +1(608)262-8300

Toll-free number: +1(833)306-0681

“Sometimes” poem:

The Frontlines of COVID: A Surgery Sett Series: Episode 10 - Dr. Barbara Boyer

Dr. Barbara Boyer is the president of the medical staff of her hospital, which has a decentralized structure. They don't share a common email system, in the past they had met in-person once a month, and now they are faced with trying to organize under the conditions of COVID. Dr. Boyer shares how she's gone about distributing resources and disseminating information, while facing the threat of coronavirus and the obstacles of social distancing.

Some Good News with John Krasinski:

"To Be of Use" by Marge Piercy:

The Frontlines of COVID: A Surgery Sett Series: Episode 9 - Dr. Rebecca Minter

Thus far in the Frontlines of COVID series, Dr. Kohler has been discussing the COVID crisis with those "on the ground" so to speak. Now, Dr. Kohler meets with the chair of the Department of Surgery at the University of Wisconsin: Dr. Rebecca Minter. Dr. Minter shares how she has orchestrated the department along with her fellow chairs to make care run as smoothly as possible.

Team of Teams by General Stanley McChrystal:

"Lockdown" by Father Richard Hendrick:

The Frontlines of COVID: A Surgery Sett Series: Episode 8 - Dr. Jill Ties

COVID-19 has put an unprecedented strain on the resources in our healthcare system, especially in big cities where the virus spreads rapidly. Where we see cities struggling to deal with a lack of resources, a lot can be learned from rural communities where getting creative with a lack of resources is more common. Dr. Jill Ties gives us her perspective on this lack of resources, and shares how her hospital is dealing with coronavirus.

The Surgical Collaborative of Wisconsin COVID-19 Resources:

American College of Surgeons COVID-19 Resources for Surgeons:

Hospital Resource Utilization and Pandemic Prediction Models from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation:

Abraham Lincoln’s Cooper Union Address:

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