February 20, 2020

DCD Heart Transplants

Episode 87: Dr. Amy Fiedler and Dr. Jason Smith

An exciting, innovative procedure in cardiac surgery has just reached the University of Wisconsin thanks to Dr. Fiedler and Dr. Smith's team! What is a DCD heart transplant? What technology goes into such a procedure? What does this procedure mean for the future of heart transplants? Dr. Kohler sits down with Dr. Fiedler and Dr. Smith to find out the details of this amazing feat.

Episode 86: Dr. Alfred Atanda

How can telemedicine save your patients time and money? What are some downstream issues that telemedicine can solve? How can telemedicine protect surgeons in court? Dr. Kohler sits down with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Alfred Atanda from Nemours duPont Hospital for Children in Delaware to discuss how he developed a telemedicine system, and the benefits he's discovered in using it.

February 3, 2020

The Surgeon’s Rulebook

Episode 85: Dr. Jay Nathwani

How can we as surgeons deal with complications as people? Why should you start a rulebook for your surgical career? How can you use compromise as a tool in your treatment? Dr. Jay Nathwani discusses his personal history as a surgeon, and the lessons he has learned from both his patients, and the more seasoned attendings here at the University of Wisconsin.

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