Episode 56: Dr. B. Timothy Baxter

B. Timothy Baxter, MD, is a professor of Surgery at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. He specializes in Vascular Surgery and plays a big role at Nebraska’s Vascular Fellowship program.

Dr. Baxter and Dr. Kohler discuss the importance of a fellowship during a residency. It’s a time to think and plan one’s profession and on opportunity for personal growth, they say. The benefits go beyond the lab.

Here's a link to Dr. Baxter's Grand Rounds Talk at UW.

October 12, 2018

Gender Equality In Surgery

Episode 55: Dr. Caprice Greenberg and Dr. Jake Greenberg

Caprice Greenberg, MD, and Jake Greenberg, MD, both teach here at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and have made gender equality within the surgical community a focus of their work. Drs. Kohler, Greenberg and Greenberg have an insightful discussion about everything from pay gaps to parental leave. They also mention a number of resources for those interested in inclusion within surgery. Those are listed below.


The Association of Women Surgeons


Twitter feed: @WomenSurgeons

(Great Twitter feed, too, says Dr. Greenberg)


Twitter: Hashtags #HeForShe


Book: Why So Slow: The Advancement of Womenby Virginia Valian



White Paper:

“Ensuring Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Academic Surgery: An American Surgical Association White Paper”




Dr. Caprice Greenberg’s talk at the Association for Academic Surgery in 2016: “Sticky Floors and Glass Ceilings.”



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