Episode 32: Dr. Jonathan Kohler
In this episode we hear from our host, Dr. Jonathan Kohler, as he kicks off the second season of
the Surgery Sett. Dr. Kohler discusses his work communicating what surgery is to the public and the expectations that television and film place on the profession. We hope you enjoy!

Episode 31: Dr. David Farley 

Dr. Kohler speaks with surgical educator and Wisconsin Alum, Dr. David Farley. Dr. Farley has been a surgical educator at the Mayo Clinic for nearly two decades. His innovative approach to surgical education uses games and challenges to help students deepen their understanding of the core material. In addition, he’s also been extremely crafty when it comes to building surgical simulators. This is an episode you won’t want to miss! Recorded 6/7/2017

Episode 30: Dr. Ronald Maier

In this special episode, we revisit Dr. Ronald Maier's discussion of mentorship in medicine in honor of his being named President Elect of the American College of Surgeons.  Dr. Maier is a trauma surgery researcher from the University of Washington and he sat down with guest host Daniel Abbott last February to discuss the importance of mentorship in medicine, how to be a better mentor, and the importance of a collaborative work environment to foster innovation.  We hope you enjoy!

Recorded 2/15/2017


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