Episode 29: Dr. Jo Buyske

Dr. Jo Buyske, the Associate Executive Director and the Director of Evaluation at the American Board of Surgery, discusses the future of surgical residency training with guest host Daniel Abbott. They look at the potential impacts competency-based evaluation could have on both high and low preforming surgical trainees, and discuss the current status of resident autonomy. Recorded 5/24/2017

Episode 28: Dr. Sarah Tevis

In this episode, guest host Daniel Abbott sits down with Dr. Sarah Tevis, a general surgery resident here at UW, and the founding chair of the UW’s Resident Quality and Safety Committee. Dr. Tevis explains how she became interested in helping improve surgical outcomes, and delves into some of the pressing questions about improving patient care. She discusses who should be developing the standards for quality metrics, and looks at the debate buzzing around payment for medical care. Recorded 5/17/2017

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