Episode 24: Dr. Richard Davidson 

In this episode, we’re joined by Dr. Richard Davidson, Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry here at the University of Wisconsin and the founder of UW’s Center for Healthy Minds. Dr. Davidson discusses his research on what it means to be happy, an academic pursuit that was inspired by the Dali Lama. He delves into some of the scientific data behind his work and offers advice on how you can improve your mindfulness to create a happier life. Recorded 3/29/2017

Episode 23: Dr. Sara Holden

Sara Holden, a recently graduated chief resident here at the UW, sits down with our podcast host, Dr. Jonathan Kohler. They discuss the various cognitive biases that exist in medicine and how these biases relate to the way our brains are wired to think. Dr. Holden dives into the world of behavioral science to understand our mental processes and the ways in which these processes can be altered to better detect personal biases. Recorded 3/15/2017

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