Episode 20: Dr. Angela Ingraham

In this episode, host Dr. Jonathan Kohler will be talking with Dr. Angela Ingraham, a trauma and acute care surgeon here at UW- Madison. You may recognize her voice from her role as an occasional guest host for the Surgery Sett, only this time the roles are reversed!

Dr. Ingraham is currently conducting research on trauma and emergency general surgery in order to develop quality indicators for EGS patients. She’ll be discussing some of her discoveries pertaining to emergency general surgery transfers and will explain some of the potential options for improving these patient outcomes. We hope you enjoy!

Recorded 12/7/16

Episode 19: Dr. Christine Heisler

In this episode we’ll hear from Dr. Christine Heisler, an assistant professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Genecology at UW Madison. Dr. Heisler will be discussing vaginal agenesis, a disorder that affects roughly 1 in 5000 women. She’ll delve into this multifaceted issue and discuss the various reconstruction and treatment options available for women with this condition. Recorded 11/16/16

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