Episode 18: Dr. David Mercer

In this episode, guest host Dr. Angela Ingraham, a trauma and acute care surgeon at the University of Wisconsin, talks with Dr. David Mercer. Dr. Mercer is the McLaughlin Professor and Chairman at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and is a Trauma and Critical Care Surgery Specialist with an interest in resident education. The two discuss the hot topic of residency redesign and delve into a few of the pressing questions concerning the future of resident training. Dr. Mercer’s tenured experience, paired with Dr. Ingraham’s recent resident perspective make for unique conversation on this incredibly relevant topic. We hope you enjoy! Recorded 11/9/2016

Episode 17: Dr. David Rothenberger

In this episode, we hear from Dr. David Rothenberger the Jay Phillips Professor and Chairman of the Department of Surgery at the University of Minnesota, and longtime colorectal surgeon and cancer researcher. Dr. Rothenberger discusses the pressing issue of surgical burnout and the fact that upwards of 40% of physicians have experienced this daunting phenomenon in their careers. In addition, he provides insight on the causes of burn out, and offers his advice on how to effectively combat this issue. Recorded 10/26/2016

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