Episode 11: Dr. Amber Shada

In this episode, Dr. Amber Shada, an assistant professor at UW-Madison in the Division of Minimally Invasive Surgery, talks about her experiences in endoscopic surgery and discusses the procedure Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) and its unique relevance to surgeons. In addition, Dr. Shada also explores the future of endoscopic surgery and the exciting potential of robotic platforms. We hope you enjoy! Recorded 9/7/2016

Episode 10: Pauline Chen

In this episode, guest host Dr. Angela Ingraham, a trauma and acute care surgeon at the University of Wisconsin, talks with physician, bestselling author, and New York Times columnist, Dr. Pauline Chen. The two chat about Dr. Chen’s careers as both a clinician and writer and discuss how she’s been able to balance them both within her life. Dr. Chen also highlights the importance of being a role model for residents and the positive impacts this can have on future generations. Recorded 10/12/16

Episode 9: Dr. Munci Kalayoglu 

In today's episode, host Dr. Jonathan Kohler had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with famed UW-Madison surgeon, Dr. Munci Kalayoglu.  His medical practice has spanned multiple continents and he not only started the UW-Madison liver transplant program, but he has continued to do similar work after he left.  Today he speaks to us about his incredibly journey throughout his career as a surgeon and the creation of the UW-Madison liver transplant program. 

Follow Dr. Kalayoglu on twitter: @DrMunci 

Recorded 11/8/2017 

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